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Money DEFINITELY came first in our mind before we could actually accept the JOB that assign for or m be SOME OF US get PROMOTED from a company that we have work for couple number of YEARS and might have  thought ~ HOW MUCH salary that we are supposedly to received for the JOB PROMOTION that we assigned for due to more WORKLOADS & RESPONSIBILITIES that need to carry out on our daily work schedule,  SO, CAREERs & money linked. Even when we browses in the INTERNET mostly we came across with SITES that tell us for the BIG MONEY/PAYCHECK AVAILABLE that comes from  recommended sites like Google Ads,, Clickbank & etc  that we could easily  SIGN UP for free .



Like a Heart Beat THAT LIGHTS-UP HUMAN LIFE, so people must concerned how to take good care their own health. ---- THAT`S OUR WEALTH.


Yes, for the expenses like FOODS,DRINKS And CLOTHINGS, human being need money to folk out from their wallet to spend for those things and most probably part of the income that we earned required  for savings for future need. With HANDSOME MONEY some of us can lease/PURCHASE A BUNGALOW, CONDOMINIUM UNIT and housing flat for accommodation and for those who super rich, definitely can afford to purchased LUXURY CAR such as PORSCHE, LAMBORGHINI and FERRARI for their collections but for medium income people buying a car only for transportation to & flow destination purposes

In reality of  life the fact that MONEY is the most important ASSET for all living people in this entire planet that called EARTH or we also  named it WORLD, so money is the straight forward thing that we MUST HAVE had.

Whereas in our head, I strongly believed that MOST VALUABLE ASSET and POWERFUL TOOL that all human being have is our BRAIN that produced a MINDSET  might linked to THREE THINGS in our daily life that is MONEY,  LIFE & CAREER towards better living lifestyle & FUTURE ENDEAVOURS of course.

That`s the reason why BRAIN works very hard every second and minute together WITH THE SOUL in HUMAN BODY that recognizes the ability that human have, to stay in GOOD HEALTH  and ACTIVE always.

To ensure ourselves fit by exercising daily, taking HEALTHY FOODS & consume Drink  to avoid unnecessary health problems.

YES ! Of Course, THAT`s  HEALTHY LIFESTYLE definitely.


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So many well known  TOP SPORTWOMEN and SPORTMEN like Superstars themselves and some of them are Golfer ~Tiger Woods ,woman Tennis Player~ Maria Sharapova, Footballer ~ Ronaldo,  Formula 1 Spanish Racer ~ Alonso and  other sports Professionals. With their  TALENTED abilities & gifted POWER that they have in them and most of them drawn handsomely huge paycheck.

YES! Not every human in this entire world BORN TALENTED like those ICONS but if we do concentrate with the job given  ON THE INTERNET   I  believed you and me can SUCCEED  too ONE DAY.


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